"The glaze drips over voluptuous curves sodden with colour, the complexity of surface transforming the subdued lines of the vessel like a skin pulled taut over a rippling orb of tonal mercury."

- Sarah McNutt | Ceramics and Art Perception

"Through his fascination for these mercurial glazes, Winarsky has fused his concern for the environment with sensuous images of earthly delights. This interactive art seduces the viewer and encourages participation through movement for the full-almost psychedelic-effect of a lush landscape."

- Elaine Levin | Ceramics Art and Perception

"Although the landscapes of the American ceramicist Ira Winarsky are masses as monumental in effect as the geological formations that they imitate, the magic performed by their surfaces is an act of metamorphosis, of dissolution into weightlessness, fluidity of form and auroral ephemerality of colour."

- Glen R. Brown | New Ceramics Magazine

"Winarsky...views the landscape fundamentally through the eyes of an ecologist and consequently cannot help but conceive of nature in terms of its many layers, most of which are not immediately visible at any given moment. The stratification of the landscape-both literal, in terms of geological levels, and metaphorical, with respect to the systems that operate within it-is forever before him."

- Glen R. Brown | Ceramics Monthly