A stunning interpretation of the classic fine art form of landscape using the ceramic medium, each of these sculptures are individually unique within a series of similar pieces exploring variations on a theme. All are inspired by nature; some are abstract while others are more representational. Winarsky's architectural interests are evident, in the references to form's relationship to land and earth, to structure, to shape, and even to aerial photography, which had a large impact on Winarsky's work. They are static and yet each imply great movement, entirely "kinetic," as he called it-whether by relationship to the viewer, by a repetitive sequence, in actual moveability, or by interlocking shapes and chasms. Winarsky was born to landscapes with "inherent contraditions," landscapes that were altered by humanity's impact, by the passage of time, or by violent acts of nature. He called some of these, "Landscape Sandwiches" The Landscape series included different subsets, including Terrestrial Landscapes, Sacred Landscapes, Seismic, Sacred, Mobile, or Planetary.